Thursday, March 21, 2019

Free Pokemon Crochet Patterns

 I feel like everything is starting to come back around again when my kids ask to watch show I have nostalgia about including Pokemon. 

I had so many Pokemon crochet patterns that I split this post into two parts. Scroll to the bottom to get the second post with Pokemon characters from M to Z.

Absol from Crochetemall

Aipom plushie crochet pattern from Wolf Dreamer

Alola Meowth Amigurumi Pokemon from Catherine Johansson

Azumarill amigurumi crochet pattern from Loopy Cathrine

Bulbasaur from 53 Stitches

Get this free Bulbasour pattern from Evelyn Pham

Bulbasaur succulent holder from Knotbadami

Bunnelby Crochet pattern from Kats Creations

Butterfree Amigurumi crochet pattern from Ami Amour

Nurse Chancey from ahareaffair

Charizard from Knotbadami

Mega Charizard Y by miahandcrafter

Charmander Amigurumi Crochet pattern from Strings Away

Cherubi Pokemon amigurumi crochet pattern from Loopy Catherine

Chibi Gardevoir from Cindy Tran

Get this Clefiary pattern from Chochetemall

Cyndaquil Amigurumi crochet pattern from Strings Away

Dedenne from crochetnanigans

Ditto crochet pattern from Crochet Fanatic

Dustox Amigurumi crochet pattern from Frog & Fasten

Electrode and Voltorb Amigurim crochet pattern from LoopyCatherine

Get this Eevee Amigurumi crochet pattern free from Amiamour

Eevee from 53stitches

Another version of Eevee

Electrode crochet pattern from Loopy Catherine

Get this Espeon crochet pattern from Crochetemall

Fennekin Pokemon Amigurumi Pattern from Strings Away

Flareon from 53Stitches

Froakie crochet pattern from Kats Creations

Get this Furret pattern from Chrochetemall

Galarian Corsola pattern from Frog & Fasten

Galarian Slowpoke crochet pattern from Cindy Tran

Glaceon from Evelyn Pham

Haunter Amigurumi Pattern from Strings Away

Get a free Hoppip pattern from Sabrina Sommers

Jigglypuff by Knotbadami

Jigglypuff hat from Crochet with Melanie

Jirachi crochet pattern from Danielle Adams

Jolteon from 53Stitches

Jolteon Amigurumi Pattern from Strings Away 

Koffing Amigurumi crochet pattern from Loopy Cathrine

Baby Leafeon from Evelyn Pham

Get Leafeon from Chrocetemall

Leafeon Amigurumi from 53 Stitches

Lotad crochet pattern free download from Ravelry

Luvdisc amigurumi pokemon crochet pattern from Loopy Catherine

Pokemon crochet book with 20 cute patterns on Amazon

And you can find hundreds more free crochet patterns here

all free crochet patterns


  1. I thank you for the information and articles you provided

  2. Love all your pokemon characters..chimchar is my grand son's favorite. Is there a pattern for him. Knit or crochet. Thanks

  3. Love all your pokemon characters..chimchar is my grand son's favorite. Is there a pattern for him. Knit or crochet. Thanks

  4. Hi there, I love all your pokemon crochet collection!!!

    I need a favor...I need the crochet pattern for pokemon Kecleon.
    My 11 years old boy has been bugging me for the longest time to crochet/make Kecleon for him.
    I've been hunting high and low finally I found you :P

    Please help me to fulfill my little boy's wish!
    Thank you very much!!!

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