Sunday, February 3, 2019

Funny Valentine's Day Cards

Sometime I find humour lightens the mood, and well it's a very rare occasion when I'm not sarcastic so I love these humourous and punny Valentine's Day greeting cards. 

Funny Printable Valentines Day Cards from

lol valentine cards

Get these Quirky and super cute love card printables from My Someday in May

Cute quirky love cards

Get free Valentine's day cards (for your foodie friends) from Crystal Whitlow

Get this Free Valentines Day Card from Kiki Comin plus one more design

Get free printable rap lyric Valentine's cards from Almost Perfect

Get these printable Rock and Roll Valentine's Day cards from Classic Play

You can find more cute and funny printables from Landeelu here.

It's a rarity when anything that comes out of my mouth isn't sarcastic so no wonder why I love these sarcastic valentines from our hand crafted life

Get this free printable Valentine's card from Visual Heart

Get these free printable Valentine's cards from White Confetti Box

Get this free printable Valentine from Clementine Creative

Get 4 free Valentines Day cards from Today We Date

Get these you are succulent card free from Paper and Lace

Get free printable Valentines from Almost Makes Perfect

90s rap inspired valentine cards from thoughtfully simple

I love these matter of fact Valentin'es Day cards from Cathy Zielske

Get these free downloadable Valentine's Day cards with quirky animals from Common Canopy

Get printable food pun Valentine's Day cards from Make and Tell

punny Valentine's Day cards

And because I has a bit of a hard time finding cards for your significant other I decided to create a few myself, you can print them for free here.

With sayings like I love your more than Bacon... Enough Said. and two other options.

And if you're looking for Cute and Sweet Valentine's Day greeting cards you can find them here

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  1. Laughter and fun is the best ever!! I pinned this! Thanks so much for linking up with me at #AThemedLinkup 10 for All Things Love and Valentine’s Day, open January 30 to February 10.


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