Thursday, November 1, 2018

Free Printable Puppy Dog Pals BIngo

I haven't created any new Bingo printables in a while so I decided to create a Puppy Dog Pals theme bingo to my collection.

free puppy dog pals party games

I created three different cards.

free puppy dog pals party games printables

And I saved them two on a page for sizing. To print click on page one, page two and the calling cards and you can download them for free from Drop box and print them out. 

free puppy dog pals bingo

free puppy dog pals activities

And here are the calling cards. You just need to simply cut them out and hold them up for the kids to match the pictures too. You can mark the cards with whatever you'd like paper scraps, crayons, bingo dabbers, cheerios. 

puppy dog pals party games
I enjoy playing bingo with the kids as it's simple for younger children and still fun for children who are a bit older. Especially when their are prizes or treats involved. 

puppy dog pals birthday invitations

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