Tuesday, August 7, 2018

What to Know Before Bringing That Stray Inside

Stray cats can be found in just about every community across the country, and nothing will melt your heart faster than to find a cute little kitten at your doorstep. Before you scoop that little bundle of fur up and bring him inside, there are a few things you need to know.

A Vet Visit is a Must

You don't want to rush into bringing a stray cat into your home, especially if you have other pets. Strays often have flees and worms that they can infect other animals with if they haven't been properly treated. They also need all of their required shots, and spaying or neutering is always a good idea. If your stray kitten seems agitated enough from all the changes he is facing, consider scheduling an appointment with a vet that specializes in low stress handling of felines. This will make him feel more comfortable and make future vet visits easier.

Make Your Next Stop the Pet Store

Even though your new little kitten has been surviving outside without any personal belongings, you will want to make a stop at the pet store for some basic necessities. Cats love to scratch. You can either buy them a scratching post to use or they can find something on their own like your sofa or drapes. They also enjoy climbing, so a tall cat house can be useful as well. Of course you'll need the basics too like feeding bowls and a litter box. Don't forget the toys. Keeping your kitten’s mind stimulated will keep them out of trouble.

If you bring a stray cat into your home before you have actually prepared for a pet, you won't be doing yourself or the kitten any favors. A trip to the vet followed by a trip to the pet store for supplies will make your feline’a transition from being an outside cat to an indoor member of the family much easier for all involved.

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