Thursday, May 24, 2018

L.O.L. Happy Birthday banner

The free L.O.L. Surprise birthday printables I created seem to be popular so I decided to create a Happy Birthday banner to the collection. 

free L.O.L. surprise birthday banner

I included Happy Birthday spelled out, the LOL logo and a couple L.O.L. Surprise dolls for accents. 

free L.O.L. surprise birthday banner printable

free printable L.O.L. surprise birthday banner

L.O.L. surprise birthday banner

L.O.L. surprise birthday bunting

L.O.L. surprise birthday banner to print

And you can find everything you need for an L.O.L. birthday party here with tons of free printables and activities. 


  1. I personally believe that if it is an important age, the ideal gift can be personalized banners. Banners make the occasion even more special, and mark a stage in the person's life. After the party has been packed away, all they will have are their memories unless they have a great birthday banner.

  2. Very useful stuff you describe here. Thanks for sharing such wonderful information.

  3. Lovely printable. Really printable products are the best things you can get your hands on. Getting birthday printables will also save you some money, and are a much better option rather than going for readymade ones from the market shelves that your kids won't be able to customize.


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