Thursday, April 12, 2018

Tangled Activities

I love the movie Tangled, when Lily was young she was afraid of some of the Disney movies including Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast and Tangled was quite tame in comparison. And Tangled Before and After is now a show in Disney which we will be YouTubing. 

tangled printables

So here is a round-up of 15 free printable Tangled crafts and activities. Get this 3D paper pascal craft you can colour in from Disney Family

free tangled printables,

Rapunzel paper doll - version one from Cor104 on Deviantart

tangled paper dolls

or check out Cor104s second version

Here is another cute Rapunzel paper doll - source unknown

free tangled paper dolls

and here is Mother Gothel

and don't forget about the charming Flynn Rider

tangled paper crafts

Check out this amazing Tangled lantern with free printable template from Design by Miss Mandee

tangled lantern printable

Get free printable Tangled activity pages from Classy Mommy

free tangled activities

Get the instructions on how to make your own DIY Magic Band from As the Bunny Hops

tangled crafts

Get a free Tangled activity kit from Disney Family

Flynn Rider printable

Pin the frying pan on Flynn with free printables from Paging Super Mom

tangled party games

Get Tangled Stationary from Family Shopping Bag

tangled printables

Get this Tangled printable lantern from As the Bunny Hops

tangled paper lantern

Get free Tangled activities from Money Saving Parent

free tangled activity kit

Get this Tangled Paper Craft from Disney Family

Rapunzel paper craft

Get Tangled shrink charms from Disney Family

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