Monday, December 18, 2017

Hatchimals Birthday Party

Hatchimals are still one of the top Christmas gifts this year so here are some free Birthday party printables for all the kids who want a Hatchimal themed birthday and all the moms and dads who want to save a little money.

Hatchimals party printables

I created three different Hatchimals Birthday party invitations

Hatchimals party invitations

Get this free printable Hatchimals birthday invitation your child can colour

Hatchimals birthday party invitations

Get these free printable cupcake toppers from Daisy Celebrates

Hatchimals cupcake toppers

or you can also get these free scalloped cupcake toppers

Free Hatchimals cupcake toppers

Get these birthday party name tags - so you don't lose track of the numerous children who attend, and seam to all look the same.

Get free printable Hatchimals party hats to color in from

Hatchimals coloring pages

Get free printable water bottle labels from Daisy Celebrates

Get this Pin the beak on the Penguala from Hatchimals

Hatchimals printable activities

Get the Hatchery Nursery for an awesome Hatchimals gift!


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