Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Mike and Sulley Tsum Tsum Printables

Lily enjoyed designed her own Tsum Tsums and putting together the Mickey and Minnie templates I created so I decided to create some more - Mike and Sulley from Monsters Inc.

Disney Tsum Tsum

Mike Template

Monsters Inc Tsum Tsum

Sulley Template

Sulley Tsum Tsum

Here is the Mike I created and Lily's Sulley. Mike is super simple to create - you just have to color the body green and paste on the eye and horns.

Sulley Tsum Tsum printable

Dylan decided to draw on his Mike template - and was quite proud of his work as he hung it on the fridge afterwards.

Mike Tsum Tsum

Here are the children's Sulley's Lily decided to draw her own and I cut out the icons for Dylan who added hair and a mustache apparently. 

Tsum Tsum printable activities

And you can find the Tsum Tsum body templates here.

free tsum tsum coloring pages


  1. I think this will be something perfect for my children as they are a fan of coloring. I'll try to get these printed today and I'll then hand them over to them.

  2. Great pleasure that I can read this blog.


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