Thursday, November 23, 2017

L.O.L. Surprise Gifts

The L.O.L. surprise dolls seem like this years hit gift! So here are a few different LOL Surprise gift ideas including some awesome Etsy gifts (in case any of the toys are sold out!)

LOL gift ideas

L.O.L. dolls

L.O.L. Surprise Fizz Maker Playset - Fizz Factory Playset comes with three Exclusive Charms, one Cleaning Tool, one Measuring Spoon, one Funnel, one Water Dropper and ingredients for Fizz Balls

L.O.L. surprise gifts

L.O.L. Surprise! Big Surprise  includes 50 surprises!

L.O.L. surprise big surprise

L.O.L. surprise gift ideas

LOL - SURPRISE PUZZLE (15 In x 13 In) 60 Pieces

L.O.L Surprise Doll Inspired Digital Print, Watercolor Painting Effect,  8 X 10 Unframed 

L.O.L. Surprise Pets
LOL Surprise Dolls hair ties from Truly Posh Boutique

Custom Design LOL Surprise Doll High Tops from Cammalli46

LOL Surprise Doll necklaces for $4.61 from ZakolkinoCom on Etsy

Get a LOL Pearl Surprise which includes a limited edition doll and Lil Sister, and 6 surprise balls for $29.99

LOL Pearl Surprise
And you can find Everything you need for a L.O.L. Surprise birthday here - including tons of free printables and activities.

L.O.L. Surprise Birthday Party


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