Thursday, October 5, 2017

Free Halloween photo card templates

I love Halloween! Okay I love pretty much any Holiday but the kids always look so cute in their Halloween costumes that I need to take a million pictures. And why not share them with all your family and especially Gramma with free printable photo card templates? So I created four different designs.

 Free Halloween photo cards

I saved them to drop box and sized them as 5 to 7" cards so you may (possibly?) need to resize them when you print them - so you don't print them full page. 

Free Halloween photo card templates

Free printable Halloween photo cards

printable Halloween photo cards

which you can see with a photo here

Free Halloween photo card printables

Halloween photo cards

You can upload the image so there is a black border around it or expand it so there is no border.

Halloween photo cards to print

And if you want to customize them and add your own text here is the font I used. It's a font option in PicMonkey although you may be able to download it free...

Halloween font

I use PicMonkey to edit all my photos unfortunately they are no longer a free service but with all the free printables I create for my blog I decided the aprox. $4.99 a month charge was nominal. I paid $47.88 Canadian so it's a little less than that. And you can try a free trial here:

PicMonkey Photo editing

To add your own images save the free template to your computer. Go to choose edit photo and choose the template you saved. Click on overlay (the butterfly icon) and import the image you want. Resize the image you want and export the finished template to you computer and you can print it out.

How to edit photo card templates

Or any photo editing software will work basically the same. Upload the free image and insert your own photo.

And to keep the fun going check out 31 days of Halloween Activities

Halloween activities

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