Saturday, September 16, 2017

Halloween Paper Crafts

I love Halloween, the costumes, the decorations, I just pretty much love holidays even more after having kids and try to find activities to do all month. So I rounded up my favourite Halloween inspired paper toys - although I feel like I am going to be doing a lot of cutting and folding. Oh well. Still fun.

Halloween paper crafts

 Get this 'YannEvil' paper toy devil from Salazad

Halloween paper toys

I love all these cute Halloween 'Candy Corn Citizens' from Dewmuffins

free Halloween paper crafts

Get this Cat and Pumpkin Papertoy from Paper Source

printable Halloween activities

Get these six amazing Halloween inspired paper toys designed by Gus Santome

Halloween paper toys printable

Get this 'ouch my head' skeleton paper craft from Salazad

free Halloween paper toys

Get trick or treat paper toys from Paper Source - if it's in french just use Google Chrome and hit translate in the top right corner.

free Halloween paper toys printables

Get these new Candy Corn Citizens paper toys from Dewmuffins

Halloween paper crafts for kids

Get Zombie and Buddy paper toy from Paper Source

Zombie paper toys printable

Create this cute Zombie girl 

Zombie paper toy

Get this Icky Iggy slime monster from

monster paper toy printable

Not exactly sure what this 'Krou Magnon' is but loved it so I included it in the list

cute paper toy printable

 Get Bobby the Zombie from mechantmartin

Zombie paper craft

Chum Chum Alien from

Zombie paper craft printable

Make this awesome Frankenstein paper model from Bob Canada

Frankenstein paper model

And to keep the fun going check out 31 days of Halloween Activities

Halloween activities

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