Sunday, August 13, 2017

Moana and Pua toilet paper roll Craft

Moana has been the most popular topic on my site for the past couple months so I decided to create baby Moana and Pua as my next toilet paper roll craft.

moana toilet paper roll craft

So you will need:
- black and white paper
- two toilet paper rolls
- glue stick and scissors
- a pencil and a red crayon (or marker)

easy moana crafts for kids

Pua was simple to make, I just wrapped the tp roll in white paper cut out the face and ears, making sure to leave some white space around the ears and glued them on the side of the face. Done.

easy moana crafts

For Moana I created a wave pattern on a piece of black construction paper and cut it out. I cute out the flower and bent it around a pencil a bit to give it more of a 3D feel. 

moana craft

I cut a thin strip of white paper and drew some half circles on it with a red crayon, to look similiar to the diaper in the movie. I cut out the eyes and pasted them on, and drew a bit of a rudementary face - drawing isn't exactly my thing.

moana activity

And here are the two of them together.

moana activities for kids

Moana printable ncraft

Hopefully you and the kids enjoy this craft and if you are looking for Moana crafts you can find them here:

Moana crafts

Or for more toilet paper roll crafts you can find the rest of them here: 

toilet paper roll crafts


  1. This toilet paper craft looks great ! It is cheap to make yet the kids will love making it and playing with it. I will try this soon i hope it turns out right. Good job

    1. Thanks I appreciate it. And my kids love making them. Although Dylan usually makes Batman every time...

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