Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Kawaii crafts

I am obsessed with anything Kawaii right now - I think it's because their faces are just so dnag adorable! So here is a round-up of some of my favourite Kawaii DIYS.

Kawaii Craft Ideas

Get the tutorial for the adorable Kawaii mason jars from Blog Ooly

Kawaii DIY

Make your own DIY Kawaii earphone, mint, etc. holder with empty Kinder Surprise eggs with this tutorial from 2 cats & 1 doll

Kawaii Crafts

Make your own Kawaii notebooks with Kim C's youtube tutorial and printable templates.

Kawaii diy tutorials

Make your own Kawaii flower pots like these ones (as well as tons of other awesome Kawaii crafts!!) found on Kao-ani.com

kawaii diy room decor

I love these summer fruit pencil holder made out of recycled tin cans from Red Ted Art

kawaii pencil holder

Get this no sewing makeup bag tutorial from 2 cats & 1 doll

kawaii pencil case diy

Make your own Kawaii mugs like these ones from lieveheersbeestje

kawaii cup

Make your own plush pillows with step by step tutorial from Nim C

Kawaii plushies

Make your own Peas in a Pod pendant with Flour and Salt - you can find the recipe and instructions on RedTedArt

DIY Kawaii necklace

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Kawaii gifts

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