Thursday, April 6, 2017

Smurfs Lost Village Cupcake Toppers

I loved the original Smurfs movie, and Neil Patrick Harris is one of my favourite actors so I am looking forward to the upcoming Smurfs movie - Smurfs: The Lost City which is coming out in theaters in April.

Smurfs Lost village cupcake toppers
So I have been trying my hand at designing party printables lately so I created 11 different Smurf: The Lost Village cupcake toppers. I saved them 3 or 4 to a sheet as there were an odd number and saved them in drop box. 

Smurfs Lost village party printables

Smurfs party printables

Smurfs 2017 party printables

page three: the new Smurfs

And you can find everything you need for a Smurfs: The Lost Village Birthday Party here

smurfs the lost village birthday party

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