Saturday, March 4, 2017

Moana Bingo

I was so excited for Moana - I watched parts of it with the kids but want to watch it again as I missed so much. Now I only have to convince them to watch something other than Trolls...

free printable moana bingo

So I decided to create Moana Bingo to go along with my other Moana party printables. 

free printable moana activities

I saved them with two different bingo cards to a page to make it easier to print.

Moana party games

Moana party printables
Moana activities

Moana birthday party ideas


  1. We still haven't seen Moana yet but it's on our list. Thank you for sharing all these printables with the #DreamTeam

  2. Thank you for these awesome printables! Just what I was looking for for my daughters bday this weekend. When I clicked on the link for the first page of Bingo it just takes me to the calling card page...would you possibly be able to email me the first page? I was able to print off the calling card and second pages just great. My email is

    Thank you again!!!


  3. Thank you for the printables! These will help tremendously. As Golden Radiance noticed, the 1st set of Bingo sheets is pointing to the Calling Card download. Can you possibly send me the correct file (


    1. Sorry about that. I have fixed the link... So page one isn't directing to the calling cards anymore. Thanks to both of you for letting me know!


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