Tuesday, February 28, 2017

"February is a New year"

A lot of people make resolutions at the beginning of the year, begin diets on the following Monday, in general pro-long making positive changes to some future date. And I am not judging as I am exactly the same way hence the title "February is a New Year"

I wanted to try to quit drinking alcoholic beverages, start eating healthier and exercising but still had so many parties at the beginning of January not to mention a huge dinner filled with fried food for my dinner that I decided to start my resolution on February first. And a few of my friend decided to join me. So when I said February is a New Year they understood me and decided to make their own changes to be healthier too.

I don't believe you need to set your goal for the first of January, when you are not mentally ready for something or think that you have failed when you have a cigarette or cheat on your diet.

Why can't you begin dieting on a Thursday. I struggle at trying to lose weight; after all I was one of those terrible women who could eat anything I wanted and not gain an ounce... There were rumours floating around at my high school that I was bulimic which I assure you I wasn't. Well that'd at least how it was until my metabolism caught up with me in my thirties.

I have found one of my biggest tips for achieving my goals is accountability. you can begin a goal with a friend even if they ain't the same goals and help by motivating each other. If you want to diet counting calories - just the thought of documenting what you eat makes you consciously try to eat better. I like to use a calorie counter app like My Fitness Pal by Under Armour.

I like it because it's free and easy to use. There are tons of other ones you could use as well - some fancy ones give you meal idea suggestions or videos for exercising. You can also write down how many cigarettes you have in a day or how much you exercised.

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