Monday, September 19, 2016

Pin the tail on Pau

I cant wait for Moana to come out - I love all the Disney movies and I expect Moana not to be an exception - I try to get the kids all pumped up to see the latest movies but its all me. So I decided to create a party game to go with the rest of the Moana party printables I designed.

pin the tail on Pau
You can print the tailless Pau on a normal 8 by 11 sheet of paper or you can go to a print shop and have it enlarged.

And here are Pau's tails - you can have the kids initial or sign them to see who's the winner.

Moana party games
And here's my daughters attempt: nailed it!  lol

printable Moana party games

They decided to play the game without being blind folded because they aren't the biggest fans of the dark - suppose it's a lot easier that way...

free Moana party games

And you can find the rest of the Moana printables here.

Free Moana party printables

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