Monday, May 9, 2016

The Secret Life of Pets Invitation

I love animated movies, and am probably a lot more excited for their release than the kids most of the time. Possibly because there is a new movie I will be forced to watch twenty eight thousand times. And well I love all the jokes that seem to go over the kids heads. And the Secret Life of Pets was no exception.

And if you have visited before you also know I love theme parties! And free party printables so I decided to create party invitations for the Secret Life of Pets.

These are the first invitations I created so let me know what you think. I saved them two invitations to a regular sized 8 by 11 sheet of paper. You can download them FREE - and I saved them to dropbox. I recommend printing them on card stock or a little thicker paper.

And here is a collection of more free the Secret Life of Pets party printables including the printable bingo I created.


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