Monday, May 30, 2016

Graduation Cards

free printable graduation cards

Love these simple and modern congrats cards from Design Neat Repeat 

free congrats cards

These lightbulb congratulations your future look bright cards from No Biggie are absolutely genius!

free graduation cards

Give your Grad the gift they want: money with this free printable money card from
Thirty Handmade Days

printable graduation money card holder

Love this colourful Congratulations card from A Joyful Riot

free printable congratulations card

Or you can print these awesome free cards from Culdesaccool

printable cards for graduation

This graduation card from Landee See Landee Do is a great idea coupled with an iTunes gift card.

free printable graduation gift idea

This sky's the limit card from Lisa Storms has to be my favourite.

free printable paper airplane card

Free Graduation cards from Teepee Girl

Free Graduation Money Card from Anders Ruff Design

free printable graduation money card

Or there is this subway style card from 733 Blog

free printable graduation subway art

And Ktdredge Design also has several congratulation card options as well.
free modern congratulations cards

Save congratulations with a bit of humour with these free printable cards from Hey Let's Make Stuff

funny grad card

Or you can design your own Graduation cards at TinyPrints (click image)

Tiny Prints - Graduation Annoucements

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Free Fathers Day Printable Cards

Here is a round-up of  a few of my favourite Free Printable Father's Day Cards.

free printable fathers day cards

I absolutely love this watercolour Best Dad in the World card designed by Carmia at Clementine Creative

free fathers day card

Yoda Man, Dad. Created by Carrie Elle

star wars fathers day cards

Thanks for being My Anchor Dad from Design by Miss Mandee

printable fathers day cards

Here's to a Pop worth Celebrating from Wedding Chicks  

Happy fathers Day Cards

And don't forget about your awesome Father in Law with this card designed by Say Not Sweet Anne

Father in Law Fathers Day cards

I love these original Fathers Day cards designed by Gretchen from (Cool)Progeny

free fathers day printable cards

And I designed these printable Father's Day cards for the kids to personalize and colour.

free colourable fathers day cards

Check out two different free printable Fathers Day Cards from Wedding Chicks including "Dad Well Done I'm Awesome"

Free Fathers Day Cards
You can just resize this subway art from Botanical Paper Works to make a special card for your own father.

Printable Fathers Day Cards

I love this collection of free Father's Day cards from Tiny Me

Fathers Day Printable Cards

Love these simple and modern father's day cards from Clementine Creative

modern fathers day cards

And if you are struggling for some Father's Day Ideas check out my round-up of Free Father's Day Printables.

If you have designed any of your own free printable fathers day cards - feel free to leave your link in the comments, and hopefully I will get around to creating a second installment.

And you can check out the wonderful and personal Father's Day gift ideas from Shutterfly (click image)

Tiny Prints

Monday, May 9, 2016

The Secret Life of Pets Invitation

I love animated movies, and am probably a lot more excited for their release than the kids most of the time. Possibly because there is a new movie I will be forced to watch twenty eight thousand times. And well I love all the jokes that seem to go over the kids heads. And the Secret Life of Pets was no exception.

And if you have visited before you also know I love theme parties! And free party printables so I decided to create party invitations for the Secret Life of Pets.

These are the first invitations I created so let me know what you think. I saved them two invitations to a regular sized 8 by 11 sheet of paper. You can download them FREE - and I saved them to dropbox. I recommend printing them on card stock or a little thicker paper.

And here is a collection of more free the Secret Life of Pets party printables including the printable bingo I created.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Optimize Your Company's Conversion Rates With These Simple Strategies

If you want your company to be as profitable as possible, it's time to start implementing proven conversion optimization strategies. Here are just three of many techniques that can help your business earn the exceptional bottom line you desire:

1. Invest In Quality Control Services.

If you're serious about conversion optimization, get serious about quality control services. These services help your company move forward by ensuring that the products and services you use pose no health or safety risks to the public. QC services also help optimize and expedite your daily operations, thereby empowering you and your employees to get more done in less time. If you run a medical firm, companies like Ten-E can provide you with medical packaging services. When you start your search for the ideal quality control company, make sure that the organization has extensive industry experience and a consistently high rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

2. Optimize Your Online Marketing Endeavors.

Another conversion optimization strategy you can implement to take your company to a new level is enhancing your online marketing endeavors. By optimizing your level of online visibility and communicating with more and more members of your target audience through the Internet domain, you accelerate the brand recognition process and increase the likelihood of conversion. There are several ways that you can optimize your Internet advertising process, and one is by having a team of digital marketers do it for you. These marketers can typically offer numerous online marketing strategies, some of which include web design and development, online reputation management, search engine optimization, content marketing, and social media optimization.

3. Provide Incentives For Your Employees.

One final conversion optimization technique you may want to employ is providing incentives for your staff members. These incentives will help motivate your staff members to optimize their work efforts, thereby increasing sales and enhancing customer interaction with your brand. There are several types of incentives you can offer, some of which include raises, promotions, bonuses, and paid vacations.


If you're interested in optimizing your conversion rates in 2016, it's time to implement a plan. Three strategies that should be a part of your plan include the use of quality control services, the optimization of your online presence, and providing incentives for your employees. By implementing these techniques continually and in conjunction, you will likely attain the exceptional bottom line you've been looking for.
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