Friday, April 22, 2016

Zootopia Printables

Free Zootopia party printables

Grab some free sloth invites from Halegrafx.

Free Zootopia invitations

Celebrate 'Zoo Years Eve' with a ton of free printables from Mind of Meesh.
Free Zootopia Party Printables

Download some free Cupcake toppers from Daisy Celebrates

Zootopia cupcake toppers

Download these Zootopia water bottle labels from Hale Grafx for free.

Zootopia water bottle labels

Free printable Zootopia Masks from Costume Discounters  

Zootopia printable masks

 Print this free Zootopia banner from Daisy Celebrates

Zootopia banner
I love these simple sheep cupcakes - and you can find the step by step tutorial on  See Vanessa Craft

Zootopia cupcakes

And you can print out these Zootopia character printable ornaments from Resourceful Blogger and attach a small string and hang them up as decorations.

And this Free Printable Zootopia Bingo from Musings of an Average Mom (myself) is a great activity for children and it comes with the matching photo calling cards.

Zootopia bingo
And don't forget about the thank you cards for all those fabulous presents from Hale Grafx.

Zootopia Thank you Cards

Monday, April 4, 2016

Zootopia Bingo Cards

Zootopia is the newest Animated movie, and I decided to make some free printable bingo cards to celebrate the occasion.

Zootopia free printable bingo

I created four different bingo card options.

free printable zootopia bingo

Here is the second one.

free Zootopia party printables

And the third one...

printable zootopia bingo

I have saved two different cards - to an 8" by 11" paper, so you can just print them and cut them out.

free zootopia party printables

I saved them to drop box so you can simply print them for free: Bingo Cards One  , Bingo Cards Two

And here are the flash cards. You can print out the cards and cut them out and have the kids match the pictures to the cards.

free printable zootopia party games

And if you are looking for more bingo card options I also created Sophia the First and Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

And here are tons more Zootopia Party Printables.

Garnering Customer Recognition and Growing Your Brand

It is vital for business owners today to foster as much brand recognition as possible among their targeted audiences. They need customers to remember their company and also their products and services if they hope to get their businesses off the ground successfully. One of the best ways to foster this level of recognition involves using perks like a membership loyalty program or another system of rewards that encourages people to visit the company's online website. Using the program on the website now, you can create the recognition and also grow your business to reach new audiences.

Why Go for Loyalty

If you are new to running a business, you may wonder why you would want customers to keep coming back to you. You may likewise argue that you could do just as much business if you constantly target new customers to replace those who do not come back to you.

Going after new customers takes time and money that you may not be able to afford right now without hurting your growing company. Loyal customers can keep your business afloat and even thriving while you strive to reach as many new customers as possible.

For that reason, a loyalty program can be just what you need to get people coming back to your company. The program can award them perks like points or spending cash. It can also reward them for giving feedback or for making suggestions about how you can improve your company.

The website is set up so that you can record the number of visits that you get on a regular basis and also foster more visits to your website during the established period. The program also may provide you the guidance you need to ask for referrals, which can be another important source of revenue.

Getting More Information

If you are still unsure of how this program works, it is crucial that you ask questions and have any concerns addressed. You can use the contact options on the website to reach out the company. You can also use the blog found at the top of the website to do your own research.

Customer loyalty is everything to brand recognition and success. You can encourage loyalty, increase your company's revenue and profits, and also reward customers for coming back to you by using the program ideas found on the website.

Three Parenting Strategies That Can Keep Your Child Healthy And Happy

If you're like most parents, keeping your child healthy and happy is one of your primary goals. However, even the best parents will occasionally need information and guidance to ensure that they are providing their child with the resources and support necessary to facilitate the desired goal. To ensure that your child remains on the road to productivity and positivity, consider implementing some or all of the following techniques:

1. Update Your Child's Room.

One of the best ways to ensure that your child becomes a healthy and happy person is by updating her or his room. The ambiance of the room can have a profoundly powerful effect on your child's mood and self-esteem, so make sure the living space is as visually appealing and functional as possible. There are numerous ways for you to start the process of updating your child's room, and one of them is by hiring a contractor. You can obtain contractor leads from directory listings such as those found at

2. Emphasize Holistic Health.

We live in a profoundly unhealthy society, but this doesn't mean that your child has to be a victim to cultural negativity. Instead, teach your young girl or boy about the importance of keeping their mind, body, and spirit in excellent condition. There are a wide range of health strategies you can emphasize, including meditation and regular consumption of fresh, raw fruits and vegetables. You can also show your child the value of engaging in "pampering" activities like an occasional massage. Treat your child to a massage and explain that in addition to eliminating stress and facilitating relaxation, the massage is removing toxins from their body so that they can look and feel their best.

3. Talk About Peer Pressure.

One final technique you can use to optimize your child's life is talking about peer pressure. At some point, your young girl or boy will likely be asked to engage in questionable and even life-endangering activities such as the use of illicit drugs. Yet by talking to your child about the reality of peer pressure, you can teach her or him how to say no while simultaneously emphasizing the power and importance of self-respect and individuality. In discussing peer pressure with your children, make sure they understand that they should never have to engage in activities that make them uncomfortable to gain social approval or "win" friends.


If you want to ensure that your child leads an optimal life, now is the time to implement parenting strategies that will make it happen. You can use some or all of the techniques outlined above to ensure that your girl or boy becomes the healthy, happy person they deserve to be!

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