Friday, January 29, 2016

How Can I Help My Child Become More Healthy?

While most parents want the best for their children, they oftentimes lack the strategies and systems necessary to help their young girl or boy lead an optimal life. This is especially the case when it comes to health. There is much information about wellness available through media outlets such as the internet and television, yet not all of this data is accurate. To ensure that you can keep your child on the path to becoming increasingly healthy, try utilizing some or all of the following wellness strategies:

1. Eliminate Any Existing Conditions.

Diseases detract from your child's health, and this is why you should eliminate them as soon as you become aware that they exist. In some cases, a child can experience health symptoms without the condition being diagnosed. If you suspect that this is the case, take the time to purchase a testing kit from a company such as Diagnostic Automation. These kits can help you quickly determine which disease is plaguing your child so you can help her or him attain the treatment services needed. Some of the testing kits provided by Internet companies include:

Hepatitis kit
Allergy kit
Elisa hiv test kit
Cancer test kit
Anemia test kit

2. Emphasize Nutrition.

Neither eating well nor eating poorly is natural. Rather, eating is a learned behavior. This means that you have the power to teach your child which foods she or he should be putting in their mouth and swallowing for the purpose of promoting health and vibrancy. Make a point to educate your child about things like the differences between a fruit and a vegetable and why eating processed foods is dangerous. Also be sure that you yourself are eating healthy foods so that your child is constantly exposed to a positive role model. Keep your pantry and kitchen stocked with healthy foods and pack nutrient-dense items for your young girl or boy while they're in school so you don't have to guess what's going on in their bodies at lunch!

3. Encourage Mindfulness Behaviors.

The term "mindfulness" has gained great primacy in the last ten years, and for good reason. More and more people are recognizing the fact that they can program their minds and alter their mental life in ways that promote a healthier, more positive way of living. Now is a great time to show your child that they can cultivate an internal life that is conducive to health, light, and love. Some of the mindfulness behaviors that you may want to introduce your child to include journaling and meditating.


If you're ready for your child to attain an excellent level of health, this article is for you. Use the techniques and resources found here to get your child on track to optimal wellness!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Four Reasons to Give Up Your AS/400 System

If your business is currently using an AS/400 system for your computer needs, you may be thinking about migrating to a Windows based system. There are many reasons that this makes sense. The following are only four of them to think about.

It is unknown how much longer an AS/400 system can be maintained
Just like the old mainframes of the past, such as the IBM34 IBM36, the AS/400 is getting old. In fact, IBM encourages business to upgrade their system. However, for many businesses, it makes more sense to migrate their computer data to a Windows server. 

You will have more software and hardware options
Once you have a Windows server you will have access to a much greater range of software programs. Along with software, there are more third-party developers of hardware. You will also be able to train your employees more quickly, as familiarity with a Windows based system will be more intuitive than it is for an IBM operating system. 

Maintenance costs are lower
It is usually easier to upgrade and install software, including patches, with a Windows server than a traditional mainframe server, and depending upon the size of your system, it is usually easier to have software and computer technicians on your payroll to maintain and troubleshoot the system when there is a problem. 

Windows based servers continue to improve their capabilities. 
Over time, microprocessors have become faster and more robust. As each new generation is introduced, the mainframe computers lose their advantage over windows servers. There may come a time in the future when IBM simply throws in the towel and moves on to other products and services. They have done this many times in the past. It makes sense to begin planning for a migration to a Windows based server today, so you are not in a rush to do it in the future. 

The AS/400 system has been around for many years, and is therefore time tested. The vast majority of people using this system have had a good experience with it, so as long as there is no problem, you can stick with it. In other words, if it's not broken, there is no reason to fix it. Of course, eventually it will need to be replaced. For most companies, a Windows based server will get the job done. All that is needed is a data migration strategy, and this is easily accomplished with software that extracts the data from your current system and formats it for a Windows based server. 

Learn more about data migration strategy  

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Making Money with Twitter

I love making money online and the easiest and quickest way I have found so far to make money - is through paid per Tweet opportunities. 

I have found two companies so far that pay you for tweeting and am currently on the search for more. 


I joined Sverve about a year ago and love them! They pay you a cent per every hundred followers you have so it definitely pays to increase your followers. I began making 13 cents per tweet and am now making 37 cents. 

You have to check daily for new opportunities and if they have a Twitter campaign available you can participate once every 24 hours - and you just simply need to click the tweet button and your automatically credited the money.

Sverve also offers YouTube, Pinterest and blog opportunities as well as a referral bonus so please use my link and join Sverve here :) And there payout is only $5 - paid by PayPal. 


Izea works a little differently - you have to bid on Twitter opportunities and they generally pay about $1 per tweet however some pay a lot more I once received $5 for one tweet!

A free Izea account allows you to bid on 5 opportunities (Twitter, YouTube or blog posts) per month. Or you can upgrade to unlimited bids for $1 a month. However I still have a free account - some of the blog post opportunities do not pay very much.

And you can check out my post on How to increase Twitter Followers to receive more per tweet or to be considered for more opportunities.

Please leave a comment if you know of any other Twitter opportunities - as I am always looking. Thanks! 

Friday, January 8, 2016

Pleasing the Canine Friend in Your Life

Many people today regard their pets as beloved family members. They hold a place in people's hearts just as much as any relative. When you consider yourself to be a pet parent more than a pet owner, you may even go so far as to buy your canine friend gifts during the holidays. You can show your affection with tokens like dog Christmas gift baskets and other fun and delicious treats that are now available to you and other pet parents online.

Pet-Safe Treats and Toys

One of the concerns that pet parents have when shopping for their furry family members centers on how safe a certain treat or toy may be. Recalls on dog treats and toys take place regularly throughout the country. You never know for sure if a treat or toy that you buy from the store and give your pet will be safe for it to chew or if it contains something that could make your pet sick.

When you shop online with a company that is experienced in making and selling canine toys and delicacies, however, you get the satisfaction in knowing that the treats you buy will be safe to give to your dog. You avoid the fear that your dog will get sick and have to be taken to the veterinarian. You likewise avoid the worry that the product will be recalled.

Another concern that pet parents have involves finding a treat that dogs will actually eat and enjoy. Grocery store rawhides and fake bacon strips contain artificial ingredients and fillers. Your dog might turn its nose up at these mass produced treats. The treats you find online, however, are formulated to please your dog's palate and give him or her a snack that is rewarding and delicious. 

Baskets of Presents

The holidays call for giving your dog more than just one or two gifts. You can get a range of different treats and toys when you order a basket full of your canine's favorite snacks and playthings. You will have plenty of these favorites on hand, and your dog will be rewarded with treats that cannot be found in grocery stores.

If you need help ordering from the website 
you are invited to use the live chat option. You can ask questions or have concerns addressed quickly.

Your dog is more than a pet. You can surprise your furry family member with online tokens and treats.


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