Saturday, August 29, 2015

Bella Brita Review


The header looks great…clean and appealing on PC and mobile.

I like the simplicity and colour of the header however I find it's over shadowed by the Google AdSense Ad - I would recommend moving the ad below the navigation bar, also I found when I moved mine I had a higher click through rate.

The header tells me exactly what type of blogger she is and were to find her content.  

Sidebar (appearance and arrangement)

Is your newsletter? If so, it might be more effective for you to label it as such. 
You have a sidebar widget with the title My Favorite Christian Feminist Books that is empty.
Her side bar again shows where to find content with bright colors.  It's easy to see where to sign up for email subscriptions and search her site.  Right at top we can see who Bella Brita is and read more about her.

I like how the sidebar isn't cluttered with advertisements. Would prefer if the popular posts had a thumbnail image beside them like the recent posts.

How easy it is to follow on social media

Your social media icons are attractive and easily found.
The social media buttons are right were I'd look to find them.  And they work.  :)

Social media icons are easy to find - I might make them a little larger or elaborate but on the other hand they do seem to go with the simplistic style of the blog.

Might also add a Pinterest board widget but, that could just be me.


The content is interesting. The verbiage is definitely set for a higher reading level than the average blog thus giving it a more academic feel.

Like the honesty in your writing style, and a great use of photos throughout your posts. 

How easy it is to read (fonts, etc.)

The font is appealing, readable and flowing.
I like her font.  It's big and bold enough to see even on my phone. 

How easy it is to navigate, and find what you are looking for.

The top menu does not seem to serve much of a navigational purpose other than the home tab.

Found it fairly east to navigate with the navigation bar, search bar and I liked the colourful category tabs. Might make more categories in the navigation tabs though as it's the first thing people see.

Overall appearance

I think the site is visually appealing and well organized.

Looking at Bella Brita and find her site very appealing to the eye.  The colors are bright and enticing, which I like.  

Other comments or suggestions

Brita, because your viewpoint is unique I think it would be helpful to have “stop here first” tab to explain your general viewpoint and presuppositions. It would give the reader a better idea of your POV.
Over all I like what I see when I come to Bella Brita.  My only suggestion is removing the AD at the top.  I do not like that, personally.  That's just me.  


Thursday, August 27, 2015

Baby stocking stuffers

Sometimes it can be difficult thinking of stocking stuffer ideas for infants, so here are over 20 creative stocking stuffer ideas for babies.

stocking stuffer for babies

Keep it Clean Pacifiers - these pacifiers snap shut every time they are dropped keeping the pacifier clean - ingenious!  

baby stocking stuffer ideas

Lullaby cd - I sing my children lullabies until I am hoarse, purchase a lullaby cd - they have tons by famous artists now.

Pacifier clip - a practical gift, so their pacifier doesn't inevitably end up on the floor of Walmart

stocking stuffer ideas for babies

Socks - adults may think socks are a boring present but infants seem to think pulling off socks is the funnest thing in the world!
These fresh food feeders prevent babies from choking while learning to eat real food. 

stocking ideas for babies

Personalized soft photo album - teach your baby all their family members names, even if nana and poppa live far away with a soft photo album with family pictures.

Silicone Teething Biscuits - these silicone biscuits are so cute and great for teething babies to chew on.

stocking stuffer ideas for infants

Personalized Christmas tree ornament - get a keepsake of your babies first year that you can pass on when they get their own Christmas tree (I still have mine)

Tag blanket - babies love tags for some reason, they find playing with tags soothing. So I found these blankets were great for keeping babies warm and for them to entertain themselves.

infant stocking stuffer ideas,

Treats for babies - like stars (dissolvable star shaped puffs) yogurt or dehydrated fruit melts, mum mum biscuits, 'dessert' flavoured baby food, etc. make a great stocking stuffer.

Baconease Teether - apparently even babies love bacon. Who can blame them? Love this bacon shaped teether toy.

stockings for babies
training tooth brush -  babies need to brush their gums even before they have teeth, and once they begin toothing they love chewing on tooth brushes.

stockings for infants

Wrist rattles - for arms and ankles are great for young babies because they supposedly help babies find their hands and toes quicker. 

baby gift ideas

Car seat toys - there are so many options for cute and fun toys that attach to babies car seat - great for trips in the car, or for when you transfer their car seat to the grocery cart.

soft headbands or small Velcro bows are so cute - and not to mention help distinguish a babies sex because lets be honest it can be difficult to tell at two months.

infant gift ideas

Amber teething necklaces for teething babies

small gift ideas for babies
or fashionable silicon necklaces for mom so baby can chew on them

new mommy gift ideas

teething rings for fridge are a great gift idea, and they come in so many different shapes

Soft Stuffed Toy Blanket - like this adorable fox stuffie

babies first christmas gift ideas

bandanas - least your babies can look fashionable while drooling profusely with these super absorbent bibs 
first christmas gift ideas
Love these Classic Baby Lit board books in classics like Alice in Wonderland, Moby Dick, Sherlock Holmes and more.

cute baby gift ideas
Baby leg warmers - keep babies from bruising their knees when they are learning to crawl not to mention they are absolutely adorable!

I don't know what it is but all babies seem to love Sophie the giraffe. 

And for more gift ideas - check out the Ultimate Gift Buying Guide for Everyone on Your List

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop #138

Welcome to our party! 

Wow, the summer is moving along so fast! I am amazed at all the back-to-school promotions on and the many back to school posts, as well! Of course, I love the posts :) 

Hey, before we get into our popular posts from last week, I want to say a heartfelt "thank you" and "we'll miss you" to two of our cohosts, Kristen of Musings of an Average Mom and Nicole/Susan of Flavors by Four.

They have had some life-changes that are making it necessary to refocus. For now,  they will have to bow out of co-hosting our party. This is their last week with us. Please show them lots of love.

Yes, we will still be on 16 fabulous week we will introduce you to our two NEW cohosts!

So, what did you all like best last week?

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Now, usually I pick just one post to highlight but this week I was compelled to do more! There were so many great treasures that got less attention than they probably should have so I decided to select THREE spectacular favorites of mine. Enjoy!
Peanut Butter Cheescake from Olives 'n Okra
DIY Notes Board by Summer Scraps

And now for this week's party !

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Bloggers Helping Bloggers #13

Welcome to the thirteenth week of Bloggers Helping Bloggers - a link party of sorts where you review the blog of the week and get your blog reviewed in return.

If you have been here before you know how it works. If not everyone who links up spends10 minutes of your time to review the blog of the week and in return gets numerous reviews back by a collection of your peers instead of spending money to get your blog reviewed with only one opinion.

I was trying to think of a fair way to choose which site gets reviewed each week and decided to choose the blog based on a points system:

1. You will be given 5 points for linking up each week.

2. You will be rewarded 15 points for reviewing the blog of the week. (People who don't put in any effort will receive less points)

3. And a bonus 3 points for sharing on each different social media platforms every week. Please tag me so I can reward the points. Tag me @101thingstodo1, and +1 or share and comment on G+, share and comment on  facebook or leave a comment on Pinterest. A tie will be given to the first one in the link up.

So for example if someone links up, reviews the weeks blog and shares on Google+ and Pinterest they will receive - 5 + 15 + 3 + 3 =26 points for the week which will be added to last weeks points. 

Let me know if you have any questions???

Also I am currently looking for someone co-host with me as I am currently looking to gain full time employment. Hmmm... If only blogging had medical benefits... If you are interested in hosting please contact me at KristenStevens [at]

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One site will be chosen each week, and the review will be posted on my site Monday's beginning at 7:30 am EST. Because the review is so long I will be switching the link-up to Tuesdays at 7:30 am and the review will be posted Mondays at 7:30 am.

You can read last week`s review:  Moms Morning Coffee or reviews from the previous weeks on my Pinterest board. You might gain some helpful tips that you can apply to your own blog.  


Please review sites on:

- header
- sidebar (appearance and arrangement)
- how easy it is to follow on social media
- content
- how easy it is to read (fonts, etc.)
- how easy it is to navigate, and find what you are looking for.
- overall appearance
- other comments or suggestions

And the winner week is... Brita from Belle Brita


Please e-mail your review to and I will review and organize/summarize them and post them next week. Along with the next blog to review.

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