Monday, March 30, 2015

Decorating Easter Eggs for Every Age

My three year old absolutely loved decorating Easter eggs this year. She decorated a dozen at home, some more at Gammies and is going to playgroup on Monday to decorate even more. We bought some plastic eggs and I let her go to Walmart and pick out her own Egg dyeing kit which she also enjoyed.

She ended up picking out a sponge paint kit. Which I thought was great as it was a little more time consuming than simply dyeing them one single colour and it also had stickers which was great for her younger 19 month old brother. He put stickers on his eggs and decorated them with crayons.

My daughter sponged the paint onto her eggs then we added glitter onto the wet eggs...

I found these plastic decorating eggs this year and love them! You can dye them like a regular egg, and they don't have that horrible hard boiled egg smell which I am not a fan. Last year I poked a pin hole in our eggs and blew them all out - which took forever and was no fun .
Another fun idea would be these Minion Easter Egg Decorating Kit I found on Amazon
Or this Frozen Easter Egg Dying Kit

And older kids might enjoy decorating their eggs with Sharpies like these adorable ones I found at Mom.Me

And for more Easter ideas you can check out my Pinterest board here...

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How will you and your kids be dyeing eggs this year? Would love to hear about it or leave a link to your own in the comments. =) And Happy Easter!

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  1. Such fun ideas we might have to paint on some eggs and of course add glitter!

  2. I found your lovely blog on #GrowingCirclesHop & I'm following on google+ & twitter.
    PS - I also wanted to invite you to hop on board the Great Blog Train (blog hop) - we are traveling to British Columbia CANADA:

  3. Thanks for telling this story.


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