Thursday, February 19, 2015

Free Twitter Header Contest

I recently wrote a post on How to Make a Better Twitter Header for free, and actually had fun designing it so I thought if anyone was interested I would offer one lucky reader a free Twitter header. (designed by me of course)

Now I am not a professional graphic designer, and only do it more as a hobby so my skills may be (somewhat) limited but if you liked mine then please enter!!

The Rules will be simple.

1. Choose any one post I have previously wrote.

2. Promote it as much as you can - through twitter, pinterest, stumble upon, a button on your sidebar, Google+ however ...

3. Leave a comment with which post you chose, and how you promoted it - you can leave a link to a tweet, pinterest or your blog but we will mostly go by the honour system.

4. If you are not on Google+, please leave a way to contact you - email or even twitter

The contest will run for one month - and end on March 20th.

The winner will have to provide a header or some kind of image they wanted to incorporate in their header. And their header may be featured on my blog after it's complete - with a before image. (and a link to their Twitter account if they wanted)

And that's it! Any questions???

1 comment:

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