Monday, November 10, 2014

Ultimate Gift Buying Guide: Mother In Law/ Grandma

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A few years ago I stumbled upon the perfect gift for my mom and my mother in law! And what's even better is that I have been able to recycle the same gift every year since.

It was photo books of the grand kids, a cute 8 by 8" hard cover book I ordered from Shutterfly for under $20! I took all the best pics of the kids throughout the year, uploaded them, picked one of their hundreds of themes and it basically put itself together. (And of course I order one for myself while I was at it)

And you can customize it as much as you like, by adding captions, cute saying, image details, backgrounds and more.

mother in law gift ideas

And you can get creative with your ideas as well. I created a "baby book" for each of my children's first years - with dates of some of their "firsts" and favourites, or you could do a year in review with highlights of your family over the course of a year, or pictures of you and your mom or grandma throughout the years:

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I also like the idea of creating a recipe book for your college student or grandkids with family favourite recipes, pictures of you baking together, or a picture of your great grandmas recipe in her handwriting.

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Sometimes we can feel a little overwhelmed with all the presents some of us fortunate people receive at Christmas and it's nice to give and receive something that is a little more personal. And I was really happy with the quality of the book. One year I left ordering it to the last minute (with a completion date of I believe Jan. 3) and they rushed it so it would arrive in time for Christmas.

And you can  save up to 50% on photo books, calendars, holiday cards and more by clicking on Shutterfly's Special Offers Page. 

See more form the Ultimate Gift Buying Guide

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This page does contain an affiliate link but the opinions are my own, and if you do use my link my family and I sincerely appreciate it especially around the holidays!

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