Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Free Potty Training Chart Round-Up

Since I recently wrote about some Untypical Potty Training tips, I thought it would make sense that this weeks freebie round-up would be potty training charts. SO here are a few cute ones that I have come across...

Find a collection of free potty training charts including Barbie, Smurfs, Garfield, Dora and Boots and more over at RewardCharts4Kids
Free printable potty training charts

Find this printable Princess Reward Tracker from Potty Training Online and for the boys check out the Cars Reward Tracker

And personally I really like the one from It's Hue I Love, maybe it's the bright colours or the cute design.

it's hue i love: Potty Progress & Free Printable!
Here's another potty chart with Elmo from Hloom, where you can also find a Hello Kitty Reward Chart


Find free Dora the Explorer Potty Charts at Potty Plan. Personally I think Dora repeats herself a little too often for my taste but popular with the kiddos.

My Potty Plan also has TinkerBell, Winnie the Pooh, and find Thomas the Train and Friends at Potty Training Concepts.

Pull-Ups UK has a Toy Story Potty Chart

Training Chart Toys

And you can find this Peter Pan, Woody from Toy Story, SpongeBob Square Pants and more at Potty Training Chart

Looking for a specific character potty chart? Leave a comment and I might (possibly) be able to find it for you...


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