Monday, June 15, 2020


Who doesn't love Friends? I feel like lots of grew up watching it and still feel nostalgic watching old reruns. So I decided to create a round-up for my "Friends" 😉 of some amazing free printables, DIYs, recipes and my favourite merch.

Friends tv show printables

Get free Friends party printables from Daisy Created

Friends tv show party printables

Get a free printable Friends themed birthday card from the Cottage Market

Get this free printable Chandler Bing-O game from Nickelodeon

Friends tv show games

Free Friends themed party printable from AW designs Canada

Free printable 2020 Friends calendar from the Cottage Market

Find top ten Spring cleaning tips from Monica and two Friends recipes including "Could this BE anymore Fattening?" Cheesecake and Monica's Meat lasagna (two pages) from JaMonkey

Or you can find the unofficial Friends Cookbook on Amazon

Find free printable food labels, Monica's towels sign, lyric posters and tons of photo props from the show from Ginger and Ivory

Find free cake toppers from topodeboloparaimprimir

Free printable cupcake toppers from Cupcakes Diaries Blog

 Ginger and Ivory offers twelve different Friends themed iPhone wallpapers

Check out this Friends Trivia from Meebily

Make your own Friends Peephole frame with instructions form Doodle and Stitch

Carry Friends with you wherever you go with this Paladone Central Perk Travel Mug

friends tv show gifts

Get this free Hugsy pattern from Cozy Little Mess

Friends crochet patterns

Get the free crochet pattern for Monica's Peep Hole frame from Once upon a Cheerio

free Friends crochet patterns

Get your own Friends themed Desk Planner from Paladone

friends tv show merchandise

And you can also check out my guide to a Friends themed Friendsgiving -with recipes, free printables, decorations and more - or pin it for later. 


  1. These are so fun! Visiting you from the friendship friday blog hop.

  2. So fun! I just love Friends and have been trying to get my teenagers to watch too.


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