Thursday, June 28, 2018

More Coco Activities

I'm so glad Coco has made it to Netflix as I missed it in the theatres now I'm just trying to convince the kids to watch it with me again as they have already seen it.

So here are more than 10 free printables and Coco inspired activities you can make with the kids 

Disney Coco free memory match cards from Mama Likes This

Get this Coco costume and guitar from Watts and Walsh

Get this family tree printable from Mama Likes This

Make paper marigolds with step by step instructions from Mama Likes This

Make your own Coco Inspired Disney Frame with instructions from Disney Family

Get free printable Coco recipe cards from Mama Likes This

Make sugar Coco Inspired Sugar skull cookies with recipe from Disney Family

Make your own rubber band guitar with instructions from Disney Family

Get a free printable family food diary from Disney movies

Get free printable valentines from One Creative Mommy

Get free planner printables from Victoria Thatcher 

Get this Coco Mouse Ears tutorial from Sisters Suitcase

Decorate your favourite instrument with free Coco sticker printables from Disney movies

And if you missed it you can find another 15 Coco inspired activities here

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Big Hero 6: The Series

I loved the big Hero 6 movie and now Big Hero 6: The Series is BACK!  

big hero 6 the series

You can pick up Big Hero 6 Back in Action on DVD right now which included 7 episodes and  6 shorts.

big hero 6 the series on dvd

And you can get in on the action with this incredible activity kit filled with fun games, activities, and color pages. 

big hero 6 the series printables

Check it out and check out Big Hero 6: The Series on Disney Channel which premiers June 30th! 

big hero 6 the series activities

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Incredibles 2 Birthday Invitations

I'm planning on taking the kids to see Incredibles 2 after work on Friday, it looks like such a fun movie and I thought the first one was great!

incredibles 2 2018

So I created four birthday party invitations in anticipation.

Incredibles 2 Birthday

Incredibles 2 party printables

Incredibles 2 Birthday printables

And I saved them two to  page. I recommend printing them on cardstock and then you can print them out.

Incredibles2 birthday ideas

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