Sunday, April 23, 2017

Happy Birthday Card to Color

happy birthday cards to color

It was the kids dad's birthday today so I decided to create them some cards to color for his birthday.

happy birthday colorable cards

Lily had a blast but she is into anything even remotely crafty. 

I thought the just text one were a little boring so I decided to create some confetti ones as well.

happy birthday cards for kids

printable happy birthday cards

printable happy birthday cards to color

I created them so you can print them on a standard 8 by 11" paper and fold it in half so you can write a personal message inside.

Hope you enjoy them!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Captain Underpants Thank You Cards

Here are a few thank you cards I created to go along with the Captain Underpants Invitations.

Captain Underpants thank you cards

thank you card one

captain underpants party printables

thanks for coming to my party

captain underpants the first epic movie party printables

busting through thank you card

captain underpants the first epic movie party

standing proud thank you card four

captain underpants the first epic movie printables

I saved them to a standard size sheet of paper so you can print them, fold them in half and write a personal note inside.

captain underpants printables

And I also created Captain Underpants invitations.

captain underpants printables

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

You're Sweet

The kids love coloring especially anything new - so I though these cards would be cute to mail to friends and family for summer. And I also created printable stationary to match where kids can write a little note or just draw a picture for someone special.

free cards to color

free printable cards to color

kawaii printables

Here are a few Lily, Dylan (and I ) created:

free coloring cards

You should be able to print them on a normal sheet of paper and fold them in half. There is even a small image on the back.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Toy Scavenger Hunt

I decided to create an activity for the kids on a Monday that was a holiday from school when it was rainy outside and they were getting a little antsy... ok they always are antsy regardless of the weather.
So I created a few different versions of a scavenger hunt..

kids scavenger hunt

So I created a toy scavenger hunt. I saved eight different toys to a page of toys that can be found in my house and cut them out.

kids scavenger hunt printables

Girlish Scavenger Gunt

I created a girlish one and a boyish one as I figured people with only one child or all girls or all boys would more likely find more of the toys in their house. Although Mater was Lily's absolute favourite as a child. If you don't have certain toys in your house just don't include them in you hunt.

children's scavenger hunt printables

So I cut out two sets of all 16 pictures and found two gift bags I had lying around the house and put the pictures in the bags. The kids laid their cards face up on the table and I had the kids run around the house and find the different toys on the cards. 

children's scavenger hunt

Once they found the coordinating toy they put the toy and the card in the gift bag and moved on to the next item. The kids had a blast and I had an uninterrupted less interruptions while cleaning my kitchen. 

kids activities

You can also do a shape and colour scavenger hunt as well.  Which is great for younger kids just learning their shapes or colours. I'm saving that for another day though...

color scavenger hunt
colour scavenger hunt

shape scavenger hunt
shape scavenger hunt

If there is a big interest in the future I may add more pictures as well. Just leave me a message in the comments. And I hope your kids had as fun as mine did :)

Monday, April 17, 2017

Captain Underpants Movie Invitations

Although people have criticized the Captain Underpants series I love anything that promotes children's love of reading. And Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie will be released in June.

Free printable captain underpants invitations
So here are a few different invitations I have created: 

Captain Underpants movie invitaitons

captain underpants the first epic movie party

captain underpants the first epic movie party printables

captain underpants the first epic movie party invitations
 I saved them to drop box - with two invitations per page. 

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Printable Cards

Free Blog Elements

Free Printable Cards to Colour

Beauty and the Beast Birthday Party

I am so excited to see the live action Beauty and the Beast that I think I might break down and watch it at the theatres. I love Beauty end the Beast (although my daughter would have no part of it when she was three) and I also love everything about Emma Watson...

beauty and the beast 2017 party printables

beauty and the beast 2017 invitations

Cupcake Toppers

beauty and the beast 2017 printables

Get the recipe for Teacup cupcakes from Disney Movies

beauty and the beast recipes
beauty and the beast 2017 cake
Enchanted Rose and Teacup centerpiece from Disney Movies

beauty and the beast decorations

Beauty and the Beast Customized Banner

beauty and the beast 2017 poster

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